Teleste Public address and audio systems

We offer public announcement systems and text-to-speech buttons with speakers for visually impaired passengers for every type of display. The audio systems run with an integrated text-to-speech engine providing an excellent audio quality.

Key benefits

Barrier-free access to information

Our audio systems provide barrier-free access to information for all passengers with complete sentences during operation.

Integrated dictionaries and hearing assistance

The systems offer integrated dictionaries for abbreviations and correct pronunciation of linguistically challenging expressions

Automatic volume control

Automatic volume control adapts to ambient noise levels and makes the audio signal better heard and understood in loud environments.

Smart text-to-speech functionality

Smart features of the text-to-speech button including skip and cancel functions make it easy to listen to the delivered messages and catch up with the new ones.

Teleste Stationary solutions

All stationary systems

All our stationary systems are designed for the delivery of an excellent door-to-door experience to passengers.